Hamilton ACW 4/5 Retrofit Kit

Hamilton ACW 4/5 Retrofit Kit

This MDB Kit with Credit Card Interface allows you to easily convert any Hamilton ACW 4 or ACW 5 carwash to MDB, allowing your car wash to support modern credit card readers.

This kit comes with all necessary harnesses to tie into your car wash's existing wiring. (No modifications need to be made to the door)

Each of the 4 individual wash prices must be programmed into this kit to match the car wash so that the kit can properly tell the MDB card reader what to charge for each selection. The kits support both pre-selection of wash (before card swipe) and post-selection (after card swipe).

It also supports the MDB protocol and allows use and tracking of the original coin and bill acceptors.

This kit can be purchased from the following certified resellers:

Car Wash Services, Inc.
1705 Cherokee Blvd
Memphis, TN 38111